Acs Journal Publishing Agreement Pdf

A statement describing all financial conflicts of interest or absence is published in each article in the ACS`s partner newspaper and newspaper. All ACS newspapers and partner magazines have simplified their formatting requirements in favour of a standardized examination format optimized for a first presentation of manuscripts. To learn more about the requirements and benefits of authors and evaluators, click here. Related work of the author. All related work, considered for publication in each medium, must be quoted in the manuscript and the publisher must be informed at the time of submission. If the related work of one of the authors is not available because it is in the press (accepted), presented or in preparation for submitting to JACS or another journal, a copy of each related document must be downloaded at the time of submission under the name “Support Information for Review Only”. If a cited reference is already published on the web, indicate that it will be published electronically (“ASAP” for ACS magazines) and indicate the DOI number for convenient access. If possible, the full description of the log should be completed while the manuscript is being reviewed or lateral correction. Submissions that, in the publishers` opinion, are not new enough or are not new enough may be recommended or returned for the transmission of manuscripts without sending them for further processing. This procedure helps ensure that the many precious manuscripts containing specialized work can be deposited elsewhere without unnecessary delay.

If a document has been rejected by JACS and the author wishes to submit a revised version, the author must first obtain the consent of the associated publisher who edited the original filing. If the associated publisher consents to the new filing (which does not guarantee final acceptance), the cover letter must expressly state that the associated publisher has obtained its consent and describe the changes to the manuscript and warrant further review. The manuscript is assigned to the same associated publisher who edited the first submission. The request for reconsideration may be rejected without further verification if, in the publisher`s opinion, no adequate new science has been made available or if the work is better suited to publication in a specialized journal. The web editions of ACS magazines allow readers to view multimedia attachments such as animations and films that complement the understanding of the reported searches. First editorial review. JACS is dedicated to the publication of original and fundamental research of unusual urgency and importance in all areas of chemistry, aimed at a broad general audience. Competition for publication within JACS is intense and the journal is simply not in a position to publish all the solid work received.

When a manuscript is submitted to JACS, publishers must make an initial editorial judgment on their suitability for the journal`s multidisciplinary readership. Editorial triage (as described in a 2017 editorial) is a necessary step in our verification process, not only to save time for our authors and critics, but also to ensure not only high quality, but above all a broad power of attraction to the diverse contemporary readership of JACS.