Basic Agreement Korea

The opinion of military officers on duty, perhaps surprising, is that from the point of view of field commanders, faced with the possibility of local skirmishes or armed clashes around the NLL or the MDL, their daily situation will not change much. However, both military personnel should be more cautious when it comes to counter-operations against the alleged challenges and should see unexpected contingencies in peacekeeping, rather than always being ready to “fight tonight.” This agreement does not constitute arms control or arms reduction; Rather, it is the continuation and development of bilateral confidence-building measures first proposed in the 1974 Joint Declaration. Although, as has already been mentioned, the North Korean media continue to attack the United States, their treatment of South Korea has changed considerably. In the past, there was a constant contrast between the “socialist sky” of the North and the “decadent imperialism” of the South; but for now, the ideological and rhetorical war of radio seems to be over. It is not the first time since the ceasefire agreement of 27 July 1953, which introduced a ceasefire in the Korean War, that the two Koreas have agreed on military issues. The most important is the agreement of reconciliation, non-aggression, exchange and cooperation (including the basic agreement) and the joint declaration on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, signed in 1991. However, this new agreement is broader and includes substantial measures that should allow effective de-escalation of tactical and operational contingencies between the two Korean military. South Korea and North Korea have competed in “Korea” at the 2018 Asian Games. [123] Cooperation has extended to the film industry, with South Korea agreeing to screening North Korean films at the country`s local festival, while inviting several of the country`s filmmakers. [124] [125] [126] In August 2018, Mount Kumgang, North Korea, brought together families divided since the Korean War. [127] In September, at a summit with Moon in Pyongyang, Kim agreed to dismantle North Korea`s nuclear weapons if the United States acted together.