Long Term Agreement With Supplier

7. The buyer has time to focus on improving the supplier`s performance and thus increasing efficiency. Long-term relationships offer buyers the opportunity to include suppliers in a process of continuous improvement of the products and services offered as well as associated service levels. This can be achieved by developing products, developing new processes and processes and developing KPIs and SLa during the contract. An active approach to ensuring that contract performance is met allows buyers to ensure that suppliers continue to improve to significantly improve the products and services of the customer organization. 6. Provides opportunities for better relationships through prolonged interaction, which also increases trust and good faith, which contributes to other future strategic partnerships. (d) a merger event has occurred and continues. “concentration event,” a party that consolidates or merges or merges or transfers all assets with it or transfers with it to another entity, and at the time of consolidation, merger, merger or transfer (1), the resulting entity, survivor or divestiture, does not assume all of that party`s obligations with respect to the transactions provided for in this sale confirmation; or (2) the solvency of that contracting party or the resulting unit, survivor, transferred or subsequent is much lower than that of the other party immediately prior to that action. Implementation of remedial measures. Unless expressly stated in this confirmation of sale, no delay or non-performance of a right or remedy to which it may be entitled due to a delay event is not a task of this right and the non-failing party is entitled to exercise that right or recourse at any time while pursuing a late event.

No waiver of a delay event constitutes a waiver of a subsequent delay event and all of these exceptions will be made in writing. All remedies and other provisions of this section 10 are without prejudice and, in addition to any right of compensation, collection, combination of accounts, pledges or other rights to which a contracting party is entitled at any other time (neither by law, nor by equity, nor by contract, nor by other means), are not yet affected.