Poultry Farm Lease Agreement

A property action under an agricultural lease is heard by the Court of Justice of the Court of Peace, which deals with civil cases in the county where the land is located. If the property involved in the dispute lies at more than one landkreis, the jurisdiction rests with the Landkreis, in which the largest participates. Such an action is governed by the provisions of Chapter 57 of this title. The procedure is provided by personal services in accordance with the civil regulations of the Court of Peace or the certified post office, accused of return requested; there is no requirement that the property be detached to provide the service unless other service providers have failed beforehand. (d) For each oral tenancy of a tenant`s house on a poultry farm and for each written tenancy of a tenant`s house in a poultry farm where no clause is expressed, the landlord or tenant has, if applicable, 14 days to inform the landlord or tenant that the lease of the tenant`s house is terminated , unless this subsection does not apply to a tenant who is not responsible for administering or monitoring poultry. 60 del. Laws, about 175, No. 1; 61. Gesetze, c. 242, No. 2.; (a) 1.

When seizures of grain or other products held by a tenant or in premises for which the rent payable is a quantity or share of grain or other products are seized on the basis of an enforcement, foreclosure or foreclosure procedure, these agricultural products are first applied to the payment of the annual rent before applying to the payment of other tenant debts. 5. No one may withdraw the cereals or products of a late-payment farm tenant, without paying the rental rent, or give or pass on a good guarantee to the landlord or any other person entitled to the rent for the payment of the rent. 25 Del.C. 1953, 6501; 58 del. gesetze, c. 472, No. 1; 70 del.

Laws, about 186, No. 1; 70 del. gesetze, about 513, No. 12.; . No. 6701 nr. 6702 nr. 6703 nr.

6704 nr. 6705 nr. 6707 nr. 6708 nr. 6709 . 6710 . 6711 4 . 6715 . 6716 . 6717 nr.

6718 (2) All agricultural products remaining after the payment of the annual rent are applied to other debts of the tenant before the treatment against other personalities. Protected tenant crops. 3. If the rent is payable by a certain crop, the amount of this determined crop, found on the farms, is first considered to be the payment or partial payment of that rent. 60 del. Laws, about 175, No. 1; 61 del. gesetze, c. 242, No. 1; 62 del. gesetze, about 302, No.

1; 69 del. gesetze, about 339, No. 1, 2.; 4. When crops are still planted or cultivated, the person who makes these crops is responsible for the proper cultivation and maintenance of the crops.