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As any business owner knows, employees are the backbone of every professional operation. At times it can seem that talented employees are difficult to find, or once found, they move on to different employment quickly after.

Talent does not necessarily equal a high technical skill set. Sometimes the talent your business needs is simply a passionate and committed individual.

Anyone can become passionate and committed to a company if they feel respected and valued by their employer. Happy, healthy and satisfied employees are the key to a safe and successful business.

Here are a few ideas on how to foster a positive work environment that will allow talented employees to thrive:

O.C. Tanner, a company dedicated to improving the workplace culture of other businesses, explained in a blog post that open and easy communication between employers and employees is essential.

Communication should be clear and frequent but not overbearing. Employees still need comfort and independence in order to be creative, and they will not be comfortable if there are nagging eyes watching over their every move.

“Employees should also know the appropriate way to communicate with their managers and peers,” O.C. Tanner said in the post.

“For example, if they need a deliverable from a co-worker, they should send an email instead of an instant message. And if managers need to communicate important information, they should schedule a meeting so they can go over all the details.”

Scheduling bi-weekly or monthly meetings is a great way to keep both team members in the loop without being too intrusive. It should be a time for employers and employees to discuss possible roadblocks the employee may be facing. It also allows for the employer to offer words of encouragement and reinforce what the employee is doing well.

Another way to ensure your business is attracting and keeping successful employees is to offer opportunities for professional development such as workshops, seminars and conferences.

Attending continuing education programs allows employees to improve their skills. This will not only benefit the business they are employed under, but also give themselves a sense of achievement and the ability to reach personal goals.

O.C. Tanner also suggests establishing and enforcing a strong code of ethics within your company to keep your employees comfortable and safe.

“Establish a zero-tolerance policy regarding all unethical, illegal, or discriminatory behavior experienced in the workplace,” O.C. Tanner recommends.

This will facilitate a space where employees can feel good about going to work.

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