Posted by: Regina Chamber Admin - April 9, 2022
As the inhumane crisis in the Ukraine continues, the Regina & District Chamber of Commerce is proud to work with all levels of government to ensure the safety of those fleeing from these brutal attacks.

We look forward to welcoming those who will be coming to Regina and Saskatchewan.

The Regina business community is always ready to lend a helping hand. Their overwhelming generosity has helped improve the quality of life for many that have moved to Regina. Our membership has once again shown a strong desire to assist those devastated by this on-going attack.

In a recent media release, Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said it best.

“It’s time to pay our debt back to those generations of Ukrainian immigrants who helped build our province, giving refuge to their descendants who are being so viciously attacked by the Putin regime,” said Harrison.

The Government of Saskatchewan announced today a partnership with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) of Saskatchewan to implement financial support for displaced Ukrainian families to resettle in the province.

The partnership will have $335,000 in funding along with dedicated community coordinators who will a dual role in the project. In addition to supplying information and assistance to individuals and groups wanting to provide help, the coordinators will also assist families connect to resources such as language training, settlement services and employment services which will help them to integrate into the province and workforce.

UCC Saskatchewan will administer the project, working with their UCC member groups as well as with existing settlement, employment and language providers across the province. For more information, UCC Saskatchewan can be contacted at 1-888-652-5850 or

The United Nations reported today that the number of refugees fleeing Ukraine has reached two million. It represents the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

The Regina & District Chamber is committed to working closely with Government to share information and programs with the business community and employers who want to help those coming to Saskatchewan.

We will also work with our members to ensure everyone relocating to our community finds a welcoming environment, including funding and the resources that will assist in long-term success in Saskatchewan.

Together we can make a difference. It’s the Saskatchewan way.

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